Activity Timer+ App in updated version

We have fixed some crucial bugs in our Activity Timer+ App and it’s not available in the App Store. Define activities and track them. It’s simple and useful and designed to look great on any iOS device. Just give it a try.

Activity Timer+ App
The Activity Timer+ App in Action. Just simple and plain. Fulfils the one task: track activities

Simple Timer+ App for ios

There are a lot of timer apps for iOS, but Activity Timer+ App is focussing really clear on the activity tracking. You can easily start and stop them by double clicking on them. There is a counter which counts the number of executions of the activities.

A clear list of all the activities allows the user to pick the activity which should be started. Then a simple and flat countdown appears which shows the progress of the timer.

what is it good for?

You may wonder why a simple timer is helpful to increase your productivity. The answer is that you can focus on a current task. The timer supports you and you are not distracted by other things. Your brain thinks : “Oh, there is something running and i need to wait until it is over”. In this time you will see that you are getting things done.