Activity Timer for OS X feedback

Activity Timer is the famous little status bar application for OS X 10.8-10.10 (Yosemite). It allows you to define time intervals for your activities. This activities can be very generic (cooking recipes, GTD tasks, Pomodoro intervals, whatsoever).

Bugs and feature requests

You’ve found a bug or want a new feature in the app? We are very pleased and want to hear, what you have to say. So just drop us a line on this page and we will respond. :)

  • Roberto

    Hi. I don’t like at all this new version. I prefer the old interface which was simpler. Where can I download the previous one? Thank you.

    • Daniel

      Hi Roberto, sorry to hear that. Yes the old just-a-menu was simpler. In the new you need less steps to add activities. But I am working on adding an optional menu, which shows the selectable activities without opening the big view. Thanks for your feedback…

      • Roberto

        I’ve read the message again and it sounds so rude. Sorry for that, your timer is very helpful for me to remember to rest my eyes :) By the way, this new version stop by itself sometimes. It’s on a 2009 21.5 iMac with the last version of Yosemite.

        • Daniel

          Oh, really? Randomly or can you retrace it somehow?

  • tjlahr

    How can I reset this little counter on the pomodoro timer?

    • Daniel

      Hi Tjlahr. Good point. This will be possible in the next version. :)

  • Annie

    Hello I have downloaded the timer on my macbook but it wont open. What is wrong?

  • Bret

    I’d love to use this timer, but i’m using OS X 10.7.5… Any chance you could make your timer compatible with this OS?

    • Daniel

      Hi Bret,

      sorry no. There won’t be a version for 10.7.

  • iamkeir

    Is it possible to download the previous version please? It was so nice and simple, I much preferred it.

    • Daniel

      Hi iamkeir, I am working on tweaking the current version to support some of the most requested features of the old. But the old won’t be available .. But stay tuned… :)

      • iamkeir

        Thanks Daniel. That’s a shame – I remember saying to people that Activity Timer was a perfect example of an app that did one thing and one thing extremely well. Never mind. Best of luck with it.

        • Daniel

          Thanks for the feedback. Yes, as i said. The next version will be little more like the old, but with still the fast activity access. But lets see. Maybe it will satisfy you.. :)

          • iamkeir

            Fingers crossed!

          • iamkeir

            Fingers crossed! Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  • Norbert

    Hi there, I really like your Activity Timer even so I use it a little bit different: I just want to have a timer which reminds me when a certain time has come, e.g. appointment starts. Sure I can use the calendar or Outlook reminders, but these would be to complicated. A small adjustment to your app would make it perfect for such cases as well.
    So what I would like to see is a slider to select the duration until the reminder should pop up. Nice would be if aside of the slider you can see the duration and the time of the reminder while sliding: e.g. 12 minutes and 13:28. The duration is I guess clear and the time would be derived from current time plus duration. This slider could be placed in front of each timer row (small icon which opens when clicked) or as a separate/special row.
    Would be great to see that feature on of the next versions.

  • Dianna Kim

    Hello, I just downloaded the activity timer, but I can’t open it for some reason. I click “Open” and nothing happens. Help?

    • Dianna Kim

      Oh. Never mind, didn’t realize that it automatically goes into navigation. Quick question though. Is there a way for me to connect two separate timers so they keep repeating after each other?

  • Vladimir Kulyk

    Could this Timer start at startup, pause on Mac sleep and resume after wake up?

  • Paula Park

    Hi. I’m having issues with this app. The white space that normally allowed me to customize various timers has disappeared. See the attached screen shot photo. How can I get this to work??

  • Jon

    The app does not seem to be playing any audio I chose. Is there something I am missing? I also noticed the words within the drop-list are faded.