Activity Timer+ App in updated version

We have fixed some crucial bugs in our Activity Timer+ App and it’s not available in the App Store. Define activities and track them. It’s simple and useful and designed to look great on any iOS device. Just give it a try.

Activity Timer+ App
The Activity Timer+ App in Action. Just simple and plain. Fulfils the one task: track activities

Simple Timer+ App for ios

There are a lot of timer apps for iOS, but Activity Timer+ App is focussing really clear on the activity tracking. You can easily start and stop them by double clicking on them. There is a counter which counts the number of executions of the activities.

A clear list of all the activities allows the user to pick the activity which should be started. Then a simple and flat countdown appears which shows the progress of the timer.

what is it good for?

You may wonder why a simple timer is helpful to increase your productivity. The answer is that you can focus on a current task. The timer supports you and you are not distracted by other things. Your brain thinks : “Oh, there is something running and i need to wait until it is over”. In this time you will see that you are getting things done.

iOS Activity Timer

Keep an eye on your daily activities. Manage and track them using the iOS Activity Timer+. It allows you to define activities with a flexible time interval. You can even choose to repeat this activity. You will get push notifications and sound signals if you want when one activity is over.

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Activity Timer refurbished

Being focussed is very important in nearly every activity you are doing. The same with activities you do at your computer. The Activity Timer is a small application which supports you. It integrates smoothly into the OS X status bar. You define activities and keep track of them. We have refurbished the old version and made it even simpler to define activities.

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